The case of the lost upper case

      We don't know if this is a farmer indulging a little post modern irony but it's not just the asparagus that has been fresh cut. After five years of austerity maybe the cuts have reached the farm's paint supplies or should it be the board supplies as well.
      Perhaps a strip has been sliced off the sign or does the sign writer write backwards, it's a sign that is a little bit of an enigma, so we bought some extra 'sparagus and the farmer agreed with us that the sign was intriguing and eye-catching. Certainly he was doing some brisk business so the sign writing seemed to have worked.
      Maybe he's a bit of a latin scholar? Was 'sparagus related to Spartacus?
      Whatever the answer the man has a sense of humour.


  1. Hi John, perhaps he's just a bit discombobulated? Happens to us all. TTFN Dickie


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