Lonely cloud. Cue poem?

      There we were, at about 8.30am walking the dogs, marvelling at the weather, the colour of the sky, the sound of the skylarks, the heat, then a cloud appeared in the heavens. Cheeky bugger. Well, there are some more on the horizon but please don't spoil the mood.
      We stood watching the cloud as it twisted and turned, making all sorts of convoluted shapes, and then it simply disappeared, dissipated, vanished. Gone.
      Peculiar or what.
      We've all heard of the lost chord but the lost cloud?
      We continued wandering but we weren't lonely, we had the Jack Russells with us.


  1. Been a good summer so far. The ground round here is rock hard, not had any significant rain for months.

  2. It's the same here, it rains a bit then you wonder if it has. I'll try and photograph some of the cracks in the wheat fields today. ATB, John


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