Peeping Purple Passion

      There it is, the very first juicy tip of Purple Passion Asparagus emerging through the soil of the bed. At the moment there are only a few tips showing themselves but with the warm weather we should begin cropping the first bundle of the season at the weekend and then it will be steady cropping until the season ends in June.
      Meanwhile let's not think that far ahead but think only of the vegetable and fruit pleasures that await over the coming weeks. Before we know it there will strawberries, new potatoes, baby carrots and we'll be firmly in the season of plenty.


  1. Cracking weekend, things are moving on. Up the Boro ! Down the Toon. Oh dear......." We're a MASSIVE club". Well you've got lots of fans but your team are shite. Roker not showing consistantly at moment, but all is not lost because this warm weather may well bring them back inshore. I'll keep you posted.


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