Shelter from the storm

      Really we don't think that this structure would stand up to real storm but come what may, or what has happened it's still standing, well just standing.
      Typically it's a somewhat crude Fenland construction, maybe it's a shed, a toolstore or garage but one with not a single splash of Norfolk Bog Door Blue to be seen.
      Now that is unusual.
      A corrugated iron roof smothered in ivy and a mossy deposit on the planking and some  woodworm for good measure, I don't think I would dare to open the door, not unless I wanted the entire edifice to come crashing down around my ears.
      The trouble with all of these derelict sheds, Nissen Huts and barns is that eventually curiosity gets the better of you and inevitably you simply have to have a peep inside to see what wonders, or junk as the boss calls it, can be found.
      I'll report back.
      Probably when you get out of hospital says the boss.


  1. More Bob...keep it up. Off with Mak Baines tomorrow to attempt The Essex Grand Slam. Report to follow. And we need to get a date with you on the big reservoir " where I never blank " .

  2. Oh, that reservoir, the one with no name. We're away to Murcia next Friday for a whole nine days including travelling, Then the piking starts. I walked a bit of the drain today and predators were on the move in the pads. I'd rather not go to Spain but it makes the wait a bit like Christmas. Loved the Skye trip.

    What's the Essex 'Grand Slam"? A ram raid, an armed robbery and a jewellery heist?

    It must be Bass, Roach and Tench.

    Have a good one. John

    PS We're taking Sue's mum to Ayr tomorrow. That's a Scottish football result.

  3. You're coming for a session on "that" ressie, like it or not. Essex Grand Slam ? Pike, bass and roach. Or would have been had Wak not been scared off by a bit of early morning rain. Still he got two out of three. Very rude of you about Essex ( north Essex is different, I'll explain later ). Enjoy Spain and done be thinking anout piking, there's plenty of time. Yeah, Skye was great. Cheers.

  4. Checked the river and drains on Tuesday afternoon, crystal clear and full of lilies, eelgrass, underwater lettuce and cabbage. When we get some cold, frost and rain it will become fishable. When we get back I'm going to check the new drain where i have permission to fish, hopefully we can try it on your next visit.



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