Five in the net

      It was a strange Saturday afternoon. When I arrived at the waterside and parked the car in the corner of the field by the drain there was a strong breeze blowing, then while I was unpacking my gear from the car the wind just dropped and an eery calm fell. It was all very spooky.
      The surface of the drain was like a mirror and not a fish dimpled the surface, having put the rod together I walked along the bank for a couple of hundred yards and as far as I could see in either direction the surface was simply a flat calm, not even a coot or duck busying themselves. On the walk back to the car I did see one of my favourite anglers, the kingfisher, hard at work and he was catching plenty of fry and if there are fry around you can be sure the predators won't be to far away. I decided to start in the kingfisher's swim, he ignored me and just carried on hammering the fry.

      Almost immediately a run was missed due to routine incompetence and rushing but the first pike of the day wasn't long coming and although it wasn't a big fish, five or six pounds, it heightens the expectancy and sharpens the concentration but after half an hour no more takes. Back to the landing stages and there's yet another kingfisher hammering the fry. A good sign.

      In the next hour four more pike were landed, two runs were missed and two pike tail-walked and shook themselves free. The biggest fish weighed just shy of fourteen pounds and all-in-all it was an excellent afternoon session, you have to be happy with that kind of result.
      And even Norwich City put five in the net. Now that really was the surprise of the afternoon.


  1. Another good session. You've got some cracking fishing there.

  2. The frosts are getting into the weed and quite a lot of the cabbages are beginning to float up to the surface so a good pump out will help if we get some rain. The way things are going it should fish really well in the new year when the crap has gone, static deadbeat is a nightmare, like the beach after a big blow. I'll keep you and Stephen posted. John

    1. Wunderbar.We must be due for a session somewhere. There are still skate in the freezer awaiting delivery.

    2. In the nEw Year, The boss has the Quince stuff and the rest hidden from the kids… John

  3. You have had a few good trips TT - magnificent stuff! Always good to get a bend in the rod and such good lookers too - piketastic! Can't wait for my pre Xmas pike trip with hopefully frost under foot. TTFN Dickie

  4. At the moment the drain is frozen over but when the ice melts I'm going to have a go at the perch. I've had them to just over albs, albeit on a small live bait but worms work too. Even the pike like lobworms, I had one of 15lbs on lobworm, two lobworms equals thirty? No I didn't think so either. I've got a new drain to try when the sugar beet stack has gone then I can get my car down the lane. Hopefully next week. I want to take the Essex Scribbler and Bure Boy there after I have shot some of the farmers marauding pigeons. A strange fee for the fishing! I try to help.

    What's the chutney like?

    All the best,


  5. Keep on shooting those pesky pigeons John

  6. Sounds like a good deal to me! Are there any whoppers on this new drain, they always say pike thrive on neglect. I did taste the chut as it was doing its thing - delicious! Added something new, a little tamarind sauce to the mix, bloody hell it was awesome. Gave it a fruity sour salty kick! TTFN Dickie


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