Fenland edgelands

       We had to get the Pike-mobile to the garage today, me driving and the boss in the turret, and the adjustment took about three minutes to stick a lead from a laptop into a socket and reset the digital thingy and that'll be 'no charge sir', excellent. Good old Uncle Henry has got his technicians trained at last. Mind you it's simply technology beyond my comprehension, as Picard said on StarTrek, 'make it so', I would add 'it works' to that phrase.

      After a fine pub meal in a hostelry somewhere in the posh end of Norfolk we had a scenic and diversionary drive back through the West Norfolk edgelands, all the while praying we didn't get a puncture. It was grey and gloomy and a sea of potatoes does nothing to brighten the landscape on an exceptionally dull day but just think about all the dining tables they're going to end up on, and cooked in so many different ways too. Anyway here's a couple of photographs of the Norfolk that is well off the tourist trail on a gloomy day with the Hundred Foot embankment in the distance.
        They'd make lovely postcards though. Next week a feature on Sugar Beet.


  1. One post just has to be on the compost value of Rape root as a fertiliser...

  2. John the black and whites fit perfectly with your description.

  3. Alan, it was one of those days when you felt as if you could touch the low cloud with the tips of your fingers. John


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