A short holiday

      We found this card while out on patrol, me driving and the boss in the turret, and what a lovely scene it sets. If you lived in this version of Newcastle, Norfolk would seem to be a very, very attractive proposition indeed.
      The person who despatched the card posted it in Hexham, up the Tyne valley, so maybe they worked in sight of these satanic mills. The umbrella maker must have been as rich as the factory owners, you'd need one of his finest to keep the soot and the rain off you.
      Just one half old penny to post this to Worstead near Norwich. What value that represented and I bet it got there before lunchtime the next day.
      Those were the days, when a postcard got there in no time at all and with all that pollution it probably guaranteed you didn't live long enough to get to Worstead yourself a month later.
      Happy days, the good old days.