Tree, bucket and jar

      Marjorie Seedling plums and they really do make the aristocrat of plum jams.
      They're even better than Victoria plums and what a colour they are, just look at the bloom on the little beauties. They taste fantastic when they are freshly picked as well.
      Mind you they do have the usual warning of course; eat too many and your 100 metre time will drop dramatically, if not exponentially, just as the Jack Russell's 100metre time will if he continues to eat them on top of the apples he's already stolen and eaten in the orchard.

      From the bucket it's straight into the pan and then into the jars to be stored in the 'Winter Cupboard'. Following this, there will be another batch of jam and then plum jelly. Eat these on toast, in cakes, sponge pudding or off a teaspoon. Sigh!
      Roll on I say.