A new log pile

      Preparing for next winter and a woodstack a metre high and almost five metres long has been constructed and how aesthetically pleasing is that?
      A mixture of Oak, Beech, Birch, Sycamore, Conifer, Yew, Pear and Robinia is stacked and seasoning, a real touch of the Andy Goldsworthys.
      People who visit look at the other other three log piles and say 'haven't you got enough?' Never we reply, you just can't have enough wood and there's more still to come. Perfect!
      Meanwhile this wood isn't for burning it's for looking at and admiring. Mind you the two terriers are convinced that something horrible is in the woodpile and it deserves their undivided attention.
      Rufus, the terrier who died last year would have had the whole pile down by now but that's the benefit of age, practice and experience.