They're back, I think

      The lights in the orchard and the orb is dropping out of hyperspace and de-cloaking. The boss says I'm imagining things but I'm not so sure, this picture was taken at five o'clock in the morning so there's no influence of Norfolk's finest ales here. I reckon the bouncing lights are some of the crew exploring the orchard on some strange hovering vehicle.
      Now the quandary is, do I ring the USAF at Lakenheath and get two F15E's scrambled before they disappear or do I face up to them and have a 'take me to your leader moment'.
      The trouble is if I wake the boss up for the 'take me to your leader moment' I'll get a right bollocking, so I reckon getting two F15Es scrambled will cause a lot less fuss and bother.
      Besides they'll be here in three minutes and the afterburners will show up beautifully against that sky.
      I think I'll take the aliens some of the bosses homemade blackberry gin to try and if they've gone I'll drink it.