Three stepladders to heaven

      We've cheated with this trio of barn finds, they were actually hanging and stored horizontally but we've made them vertical with a little computer wizardry, well wizardry for us at least.
      A little bit of TLC here and you would have a trio of really fine stackyard ladders. You would certainly be able to reach your guttering with these three slim beauties.
      We haven't got a the vaguest idea how old they are and when we asked the farmer he said, "I remember them as a lad" and he's all of seventy six so they have what antique dealers like to call a little bit of age.
      As we've said before in the four years we've been living here there is so much of this material in West Norfolk that it is quite amazing.
      After fifteen years we'll probably stop being amazed and begin to accept the way things are around here.
      Mind you in fifteen years I don't think the mobility scooters we'll be on doing a little impersonation of 'Hells Angels, Norfolk Style' will be able to get up the droves and tracks.
      Stepladders to heaven?
      On that thought I definitely think it's time for a beer.