Quick, get the easel out

     I was making my way back to the car after a pike fishing foray deep into fenland when gradually the sky began to take on a decidedly cinematic and dramatic turn.
      As I have said to the point of boring people to death the seemingly empty and bleak winter landscape of Fenland can be transformed in seconds by the light. The light in this case giving the panorama a distinctly romantic and painterly atmosphere. Caspar David Freidrich anybody?
      That's the cue then, a quick swig of absinthe as a bracer against the cold, set up the easel and paints and get on with it before going home.
      On second thoughts forget the painting, it's home for an IPA.
      Now that's an entirely reasonable compromise.


  1. Cheers BB, it's amazing what they brew up in Bury St Edmunds. Four pike today, none into double figures, two lost and three missed. Couldn't get a touch on 6' roach only baits of 2" to 3" long. Bizarre, just when you think you understand pike fishing it all goes weird again. last saturday I had the first blank, one fish slashed at the bait right on the surface and that was it.

    Boro lost to Leeds too, and worst of all, someone hits Sue's car up the back while it was parked and unattended in a car park in Hunstanton and shovelled it into a concrete bollard. Both ends were damaged. The front badly. Nobody hurt though so that was good news.

    Fishing again on Saturday.

    All the best, John

  2. Blimey! Sounds like a right few days John....piking is funny like that, full sympathy for footy and car, awful. Don't fret too much about the footy as it could be worse..try putting up with the circus that is Cardiff and our dictatorship, first win in ages the other night and still outplayed by.....Wigan!! Keep yer chin up, TTFN Dickie

  3. At least Cardiff are back in blue again, although the fans might be black and blue! John


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