A nation of animal lovers

      The boss and I were driving along, just on the border of Cambridgeshire and West Norfolk, when we saw this truly horrible sight.
      No doubt the recently deceased foal or pony, we are not a horse people, must have been dumped from a pick-up or flat bed during the night and a quick getaway made by the perpetrators before anybody saw them.
      As we drive around we see lots of horses looking forlorn, lonely and neglected at the side of the road, tied to stakes with their bucket of food and water and that's if they are lucky. We cannot understand why people do this, why keep them if you hate them so much?
      No doubt it costs too much money to dispose of a dead animal in the proper manner and this is the result, a dead horse left to rot in a ditch with the rope used to pull it from the vehicle still tied to the animals rear leg.
      The people involved need a good kick in the bollocks from a horse, no point in kicking them in the head because that is solid bone, or maybe even harder.

      Meanwhile a little farther down the road a lay-by at the side of the Sixteen Foot drain has also become a rubbish dump for lazy people to dispose of their litter and rubbish. Why not put it in the bin at home and let the council collect it? That must be a really tricky concept for these people who are the underbelly of our society.
      I wonder what these same people would say or do if any of this was dropped on their doorstep?
      Happy Easter you brainless tossers.
      Original comment toned down by the boss.


  1. How utterly depressing John! The underbelly of our society indeed. Same people who pick up dog mess in a bag and throw it in the hedge. We had a phantom dumper of black sacks a few years ago, idiots left their junk mail in the bags - it didn't happen again. A very sorry sight that poor foal. TTFN, Dickie

  2. When I started reading and saw the photo, I thought it was going to be this story http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-essex-32150965
    Sadly not.

  3. No happy ending here I'm afraid and the council, or whoever is responsible, have still not moved the dead animal. John


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