Jack Russells at work

      Nothing quite measures up to the bankside of a dyke to exercise the curiosity of a pair of Jack Russells, well apart from barns, pigsties, straw heaps, muck heaps and orchards to mention but a few other irresistible attractions.
      There are plenty of rats living in the bank and in the past month Minnow, in the green harness, has scented out six and sent them to the promised land in double quick time.
      The southern bank is over half a mile long and she works this bank on the way out and, predictably, the northern side is worked in the same way on the way back home. While she diligently works her way along we have to wait at the far end for her to catch up but it does give us the opportunity to admire the sky, watch the clouds and look for fish, toads and frogs in the dyke.
      You begin to wonder who is walking who after a while.