Last year's compost, this year's garlic

      This garlic was planted in early November and with the mild weather, sunshine and rain late last year it grew apace. No doubt the cold and frost that finally arrived will have retarded the early growth spurt but at least the plants appear to have a good solid foothold and should be able to grow steadily and with a good strong root system when the warmer weather finally arrives in the spring.
      The bulbs are planted in three raised beds full of home rotted compost made with all the kitchen waste and shredded garden waste so that should give them an even better start, and a bumper crop of garlic for us too.
      Well, that's the theory anyway, we'll see.


  1. Hot one forecast today.....what a set of results last night, never known a year like it. Have to take my hat oo to Norwich. Come from nowhere. Good to see Brentford and Wolves lost, breathing space of three points between us.

  2. back up to Teesside today. Norwich are the team with a head of steam at just the right moment. Too many 'if onlys' for Boro, like the hated Leeds at home, 27 shots on goal, Leeds had one shot scored and somehow won 0 - 1. A supporter's lot is not a happy one. Still we beat Wolves.

  3. Garlic doing well there John.. Can't wait for it's native cousin ramsons to come out with it's glorious stink. Col U went down 0-6 to the Spireites last night. When, not if the plunge to the basement of League Two. Still, will be there for the traditional last home game of the season regardless.

  4. Just got back from Newcastle after a night on Teesside. Sue is going to look for some seed to grow Ramson, probably spreads like the plague though. There was a small river in the North Yorkshire Moors I fished as a kid, a wood was there was carpeted with them, fantastic when you walked through it crushing the leaves.

    Big game Friday but I think Norwich will win, sadly but there's always that lottery known as the play-offs.

    All the best, John


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