The daffs in the village

      Spring has well and truly arrived in West Norfolk, a succession of warmish days and very little wind after quite a chilly March that ended in a true 'lion-like' manner.
      The display of Daffodils and Aconites by the river has been splendid because of the favourable weather conditions and even the Rudd have been rising to the occasion dimpling the surface of the water and making you want fish again. Mind you they'll all have disappeared by June 16.
      The Environment Agency, or perhaps the Drainage Board, have been cutting weed though and normally that always seems to be done in the week prior to the opening day of the fishing season. Roll on we say.
      The weather must definitely be improving because yesterday morning while we were walking the two Jack Russells we saw the first Swallow, one day later than last year.


  1. Looks lovely.
    Cutting weed in April ? Wouldn't have thought there's much to cut at this time of year ?

  2. I think the boating fraternity want it cut to aid 'navigation', there were quite a few boats that broke down with blocked with blocked weed hatches. Hopefully the fish will find somewhere to spawn. In the middle of the river there is still quite a lot ribbon like streamer weed. They cut the marginal rushes early so that they grow back and the Reed Warblers have somewhere to nest. For me they should let all the weed grow to help the fishing but then I would say that.


  3. Lovely spot. Weed in Captains is well away, even before the last couple of days of lovely, warm sun.


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