Feather duster please

      Get those cobwebs knocked off the circular saw and start to prepare for the inevitable approaching colder weather.
      I know, I'm a harbinger of doom; early autumn, cold weather and be prepared. It's called the siege mentality, meanwhile the nights are definitely drawing in and, as they say in posh circles, winter draws on vicar.
      You can never have enough logs in the store and that is a fact.
      In the next couple of weeks the old Ferguson tractor saw bed will be started up and the musical clang of logs being sliced up for the winter will start.
      Ah, those heady smells of the fruit wood burning and the woodsmoke from the ash and oak logs. In reality you just have to be prepared for the worst because this could be the winter from hell, the big one, where West Norfolk turns into the tundra and the skaters are out on the drains and rivers. We must be due for one of those hard winters.
      Right, kindling first then the big stuff and then the OCD log stacking begins.
      Can't wait.


  1. Must be harsh in the winter way out Wes in the flatlands. I can smell that apple wood smoke John.

  2. The first winter we were here, 2010/2011 we had -14 but really they've been 'mild' since then. There must be a bad one coming… ATB, John


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