Joe's Long, red and hot

      The boss has started harvesting the chilli crop to make chilli sauce, in this case it's the Joe's Long that are going to be the basis of the hot sweet sauce. I tested one of these and boy are they hot, not Scotch Bonnet hot but they made me sweat.
      Eleven inches of hot chilli, well we reckon that's long enough for anyone and there must be a couple of pounds more ripening in the greenhouse, oh and there's that old favourite Joes 'Coiled' looking menacing at the top. The years supply of sauce should be good, well that is if the kids and neighbours leave any for us.
      Next are the Jalapeños and Anchos.


  1. Very nice. Will just be some green tomato chutney for me thuis year, which of course will have to have chilli and ginger in it..


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