Dead on top, live underneath

      This plum tree has passed on to the great orchard in the sky but the tough old rootstock that it was grafted onto lives on.
      We have no idea what the original rootstock is, it was planted many years ago but one of the retired fruit farmers thinks it may have been Sloe or Blackthorn. He does have a point because all the Blackthorn in the area is blossoming and so is this rootstock so we'll just have to see what develops from the blossom.
      As long as we don't get a 'blackthorn winter' with a dose of snow and frost in the next few weeks.
      We saw the farmer this morning when we were walking the two Jack Russell Terriers through their orchard paradise and he thinks that the rootstock is Bullace or wild plum so that settles that debate.
      Now we know.    


  1. Very lovely John - blossom is coming out down here, bloody lovely day today. I am still in a grump about us losing to Boro the other night - I got all cocky and thought we might win 2-1 after the thrashing we gave Brighton on Sat, but you slaughtered us - saved pen too! I'll get me coat! TTFN Dickie


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