Well stacked

      The first very large batch of sawn and split logs has been stacked to dry and season.
      The long stack at the top is eight metres long and the one at the bottom is two metres by two metres. There's an unfinished stack in front of the shed that will be twelve metres long when it is finished but that will be completed when stage two is sawn and split along with a couple more stacks.
      Ah, the satisfaction of a well stacked pile of logs and those planters are stainless steel urinals that came originally from Wandsworth Prison.
      I wonder which famous criminals peed in them?


  1. Hell fire that's a bloody cracking stack of logs TT - very neat and I like the way you have incorporated the urinals!! I need more logs, always need more logs - never have enough! TTFN Dickie

  2. I'm splitting another trailer load today. Brilliant. ATB, John

  3. Very satisfying. The fat of the land.


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