A bum plum

      This time it isn't a Victoria Bum but a Burbank Giant Prune Bum. That being a bit of a mouthful I think we'll simply settle for Burbank Bum, although that does sound like the name of a medical condition rather than just conjoined plums.  You have to admit is an absolute cracker of a plum though and it is simply huge.
      When trees, or the wood of a tree, is joined in this way it is called an inosculation, and that really does sound like a medical condition, inevitably the word is derived from the Latin 'osculate' meaning to kiss.
      So a Kissing Burbank Giant Prune Bum it is, but in this case it ends up as just a bite or two.  And very nice it was too.
      Nothing like sinking your teeth into, well you get my drift.