The big wing fly past

      Every evening for the last couple of weeks we have had a huge flock of rooks flying past. Sometimes the they just keep on coming through the dusk for ten, fifteen minutes or more, always heading north west and flying from the south east. They swap positions, wander from left to right and back again cawing away at one another.
      Obviously they're going home to roost but have they all come from one small feeding area or simply met up at a major junction in the sky on pure instinct?
      They're a difficult subject to photograph, unless you have microlight or a drone, but this somewhat crude picture is just a fraction of a second in one quarter of an hour.
      We sit out in the back garden with a glass of wine waiting for them to arrive, but we never try to count them. Well certainly not after a glass or two of wine, and if they are a little late...
      The big wing is back.


  1. It was a clear sky tonight and they were much, much, lower and not as noisy. Strange creatures.

  2. One of my favourite sounds of the year John. Always associate it with the months of Autumn. Eerie, bewitching and lovely at the same time - the nights be drawing in! All the best Dickie

  3. I came through the village tonight and they were circling above the Hall like a vertical whirlpool. Brilliant.

  4. BB, your comment about the big wind disappeared for some reason but their flight pattern definitely varies on weather conditions. Wind, clear sky, the arrival of dusk. I love the sight and sound. John


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