The weekend colour supplement

      We've had a few lovely sunsets in the last month, nothing truly nuclear but still rather splendid, and here are a couple of colourful samples to brighten the weekend. Based on what the weather men are predicting it is supposedly going to be a weekend of wind and rain but who knows? They frequently get the forecast wrong anyway but just in case here they are to cheer you up.
      There's something quite soothing about watching the sun slide slowly down in the western sky and although you are watching the sunset develop really you are watching it reducing, all very meditative I'm sure; and while we're talking about all things relaxing and meditative just where is the corkscrew?
      I feel a relaxing moment coming on.

      Should those miserable weather forecasters get the weather forecast right and it does turn nasty at the weekend this is probably what the sky will look like as the bad weather  sneaks up on you while you sleep on into Saturday morning.
      Have a nice weekend.


  1. I didn't catch it on camera but what a glorious sunrise this morning John

  2. All we had this morning was the great greyness and rain, 2.5mm so far. The farmer's happy though the wheat is in and the spuds will be easier to get out.


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