Frozen asparagus

      Winter's icy grip is quite definitely here. Frost, rime, hoar frost, freezing fog and minus a lot of degrees, well a lot of degrees for West Norfolk anyway.
      The drains where I fish are frozen from one bank to another with swans walking around on them and you can only make-up so many pike traces in your 'down-time'. Never mind, the weather is supposed to warm up soon.
      Meanwhile here is the farmer's asparagus bed filled with that wonderfully named variety Purple Passion and it's getting a really good nip from from Jack Frost, it's also got a real droop on too. So much for the purple passion. These are the feathery green heads that are much loved by flower arrangers and florists but here the farmers leave them standing on the plant to dry out and all the while the roots are gathering strength for the next season's bountiful harvest.
      Asparagus in Iceland, it has a ring to it.