Twilight of the year

      The last pike fishing session of 2016 on a day that was finally clear of freezing fog but windy and cold; it was a strange one too with two family guests to look after but the main thing was that everyone caught at least one pike.
      My brother-in-law, who lives in Aberdeen is more at home fishing for salmon with a fly on the Rivers Naver, Spey and Dee and my nephew who is normally charging around the sky in a fast jet is a mad keen lure fisherman for bass. Both slightly different experiences to fenland piking.

      Two of us decide to fish off and around the old moorings and the lure fisherman wandered, he caught one perch and then as darkness was falling a pike of around seven or eight pounds on a black minnow with his last cast of the old year. The salmon fisherman caught one pike on a fresh dead roach, his first ever, a fish that was about six pounds and he was so pleased with it you'd have thought it was a personal best fresh run salmon.
      Local knowledge paid off for me with four pike with the biggest of the four fish being around eleven pounds and it was taken on my last cast of the old year. There is a certain  symmetry about catching the last fish of the year on the last cast of the year. We all decided that it was a good couple of hours fishing, particularly with two anglers well out of their personal comfort zones catching pike. 
      Now it's onward into 2017 and there's only about ten or eleven weeks of the season left. Just where does the time go?



  1. A splendid end to the year TT! After your exertions I hope it was a glass of amber by a warming fire? Happy New Year to you and here's to many more pike before seasons end. All the best, Dickie

  2. Thanks, it was a good afternoon all round, I lit the fire when we got home and everyone had a drink. Excellent. Happy New Year to you all. John

  3. Did the resident kingfisher show up? Our's on Captains didn't today. Boy was it cold. Even a smattering of snow.

  4. He was splashing in and out of the water and his 'whitewash was all over one of the houseboats. I was going to fish today but the drain is frozen again and it was cold. The wind chill was the killer. John

    PS it's -2 now at 11.15.

  5. Lynn was a a bit nippy today as well I did see a king fisher crossng the tidal Great Ouse at South Quay last week..


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