Winter colours

      One of the things We love about living in the West Norfolk fenlands is the quality of the light. Mists, fogs, twilight, dawn, midday in fact anytime of day and in any conditions the light is fantastic changing by the second and it can be utterly dramatic and spectacular.
      Just for a change here's the utterly mundane, in the form of a farm storage building, benefitting from some early morning sunlight. The weeping willow isn't to bad either and that will be spectacular when leaf burst arrives in the early spring. Even the dead and dried Norfolk Reed in the dyke takes on a new life in the same burst of sunlight as does the brilliant green winter wheat.


Bureboyblog said…
Its the colours man....
Brought out by the light
John Dornik said…
Long shadows cast by the low sun, this time of year. After 3 days, he's now heading north again. Nice pics John.
The season's march on, no pun intended, but on the gloomy days it still gets dark very quickly. Regards, John