Fenman Eelman Countryman

      Peter Carter in his workshop which is also a shop and store room.
      Peter has an unbelieveable wealth of knowledge and always has the time of day to answer questions on any Fenland subject ranging from eel traps in the present time to recently discovered eel traps that are thousands of years old and anything relevant in between. He is the last surviving traditional eel fisherman in the Fens.
      In his Aladdin's cave he makes all the old tools for the Fenman: eel traps and pike traps from osier, game traps from string, he makes fishing nets, basketball nets, rabbit long nets. He also repairs fishing baskets, sells eels and has live mitten crabs and crayfish. A coracle leans against an old punt gun. An old Seagull outboard motor is marked 'not for sale', because it's in use every week. Fishing tackle is for sale next to second hand books on fishing, nature and country sports. You can book in your hedge laying too. Stuffed birds and animals gaze unblinkingly down at you and in the back room his deaf Jack Russell wakes up, comes through to check all is well and goes back to his bed to sleep. We've got one like that too.
      Wednesday's blog 'Hot from the Press' shows Peter in his boat and if you are ever driving alongside the Well Creek, which links the Nene and the Great Ouse, pop in and see him. Spend some time chatting and invest some money in the traditional tools he makes.