American WW2 dog tag mystery

      Out on patrol in West Norfolk yesterday, me driving and the boss in the turret, we came across this WW2 American dog tag while foraging for things interesting and curious.
      Encrusted with muck and corrosion a few wipes with the proverbial, and ever reliable oily rag soon revealed the name Samuel P. Loftus and all of the other minimal details relevant to the military. Samuel however still remains an enigma.
      Who was he? Is he still alive and was he a soldier, a ranger, an airman or a marine? The detective work has begun, to find out and hopefully, get the dog tag back to his family.


  1. Did you find Samual Loftus or hos family??


  2. Hi Pauline,

    Yes I did, there's another post about it being sent home. Sadly Sam died in 2008 but went back to his family. Best wishes, John


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