Rain doesn't stop play

      It's easy to tell that the cricket season is with us, it's pouring with rain and cold. But, for all you cricket fans yearning for an innings while the rain pours down the windows here's the answer. 'Owzthat!
      A game for boys and fathers alike from the days when the journey for an antipodean tour was by liner and via the Suez Canal of course.
      We used to play in the classrooms at Stainsby Boys School and so many sets were confiscated that there must still be a storeroom or desk full of them. We particularly like 'Made in Great Britain' now it's just 'Made in England' and that's if you're lucky.
      Right, Hutton coming in to bat and Trueman bowling. Marvellous.
      No I bat first it's my game, well sulk if you must!