Saab 96, another peep

      No apologies here but we're back in the 'magic garden' for a sneaky peep at the old Saab 96 again. (He sighs wistfully).
      You have to admit it is a beautiful shape, just like a fighter aircraft cockpit. (He sighs again).
      Now some planning; a battery of Cibie spotlights in front of the grille and either side of the central vee. Four Minilite alloy wheels like Eric Carlson had in the Monte Carlo Rally. A triple or a twin-choke Weber carburettor and a straight through exhaust for the V4.
      Absolutely brilliant, I can hear it now.
      What do you mean the dog box won't fit in the boot? They can run behind, Jack Russells do that. The Boss, she's always supremely practical. Where's the romance of the open road, the crackle and pop on the over-run and the snarl of well-tuned Webers under acceleration?
      Where's the romance she says. Typical.