Dr John's brew

      Out on patrol this morning in the new scout car, me driving and the boss in the turret, when we discover a man selling his micro-brewery beer from the Two Rivers Brewery near Denver in West Norfolk. By the way he's not the 'Dr John', the night tripper from New Orleans but Dr John the brewer.
      'Would you like to try a couple of samples?'
      Well, surprise, surprise we would and we did, three small ones in fact and very good it is too, proper hand crafted beer that smells and tastes just right, but the real bonus is that it's made locally in Denver in West Norfolk.
      That's another waypoint to be covered on our patrols, preferably on the way back to base because it's bottle conditioned and we don't want to shake it up too much.
      Another dear? I don't mind if I do, cheers.