Hanging on the gallery wall

Sparrowhawk sunset

      Our local pair of sparrowhawks are now hunting for finches and other small birds over the rapidly maturing wheat fields.
      No doubt the small birds are drawn to the insects and to a lesser extent to the ears of wheat. Maybe the finches, sparrows and linnets pulling at the edges of the crop is what catches the eye of the hawks and down they come. The sparrowhawks fly down the blind-side of the hedge and burst through at just the right place for a high speed ambush. 
      Sparrowhawk Sunset is a linocut printed in eight colours on 300gsm Fabriano Artistico Extra White HP and the image area is 210mm x 300mm. All the prints from 'Hanging on the gallery wall' are for sale, subject to availability. Please contact us by email for further information on availability and cost.