The Norfolk coast?

      Maybe the Lake District or perhaps the Yorkshire coast, the Dales, Wales or even Scotland?
      With a caravan like this the whole country is your oyster, it's a little bit Romany meets Art Deco. Very classy, and the car? A doctor or headmaster's car we think and extremely smart, we love the two-tone black and maroon coachwork and it's been beautifully polished. A sign of the careful owner and one with a position of some responsibility.
      Really this is a caravan so far in front of the plastic gin palaces that clog the holiday routes today it would be a real adventure and a privilege having a holiday in such a fabulous vehicle.
      Spam, check, tinned potatoes, check, milk with a crown cork, check, treacle, check. Carnation Milk, check. Various tinned fruits, but particularly cling peaches in syrup, check.
      It's 106 miles to Scarborough. We've got a full tank of gas and and some old shag pipe tobacco. It's dark and we're not wearing sunglasses.
      Hit it.
      Did you pack my spare collars, ties and waistcoats my dear?
      You did, excellent.