Yorkshire sack

      As you all know we love an old bag at the Two Terriers but this one hasn't come from the Antipodes, Oregon or Washington State, it's come from Leeds in Yorkshire. True to the plain speaking that county is known for, and the careful use of money too, it's a right 'plain Jane'. No arty-farty illustrations here! Whatever it contained it obviously did the job well and it's got mailbag quality stitching...
      Well it may be from the sixties but there's none of that psychedelic type here, plain type and plain speaking.
      The good news?
      There's two bob to be redeemed on this so the next time we go to the North East we'll be popping in to to redeem that two shillings, or 10p in new money, from Messrs Everitt in Leeds, you never know when it might come in handy.
      Well, I am from Yorkshire, look after the pennies and all that.