Some late afternoon Pike amongst adult friends

      A late afternoon arrangement for an encounter in deepest Fenland, hopefully with Esox lucius, he of the baleful cold eyes.
      Never mind the cold eyes there was a cold, strong wind blowing and at times bright sunlight too, but seven Pike up to eight pounds were caught and all were safely returned.
      They were caught on wobbled deadbaits, spoons, plugs and strange rubber things with ridges, glitter, fluorescent colours and funny wobbly tails. All they needed were batteries so that they'd vibrate, quiver and tremble...
      Enough of these new-fangled, soft to the touch, super sensitive, ridged adult baits we prefer to fish with a spoon, plug or a dead fish, much more normal.
      Perhaps a visit to the adult bait store is called for after all.
      Who said that? Not me, honest.
      I'll use mail order, plain brown envelope and all that, complete anonymity, a bag on the head approach.