One lump or two?

      The inspiring photograph above shows only about one per cent of a heap of sugar beet which went on for around two hundred yards and was about twelve feet high. That's a lot of sugar beet.
      Now, how many bags of sugar will that lot make? How much does it all weigh? Each beet being slightly larger than a rugby ball? Let's just settle for heavy, very heavy!
      I was once being harassed by a Volvo driver because I wouldn't get close to a trailer full of sugar beet and overtake it. Well he overtook me, getting up close and personal when the load went over a bump and he had a whole beet through his windscreen,. Luckily for him it landed on his passenger seat  and went through the screen via the bonnet.
      Not much damage there then.
      I stopped, checked he was OK and explained why I didn't like driving too close to trailers full of sugar beet. Amazingly he wasn't impressed.
      Can't think why!