Pike and Black Ops

      A quick afternoon session chasing old Esox lucius but the fishing was as hard as ever. The lake was coloured and dirty with flood borne debris but one fish took the wobbled dead roach as it passed over some old water lily beds. Then it promptly dived straight into the lily bed and transferred the hooks to the stems and roots. Across the shallows a bow wave of a follow and a snatch at the bait, the bait shredded, but no Pike.
      Somebody help I muttered. At that point a 'Black Ops' MC130P roared over the treetops. Perfect, Special Boat Squadron or Navy Seal frogmen, they could do an underwater recce and tell me exactly where the Pike are holed up.
      Sadly no figures tumbled from the door to parachute into the lake but on the bright side I didn't have to share my Werther's Originals with anybody either. On the dark side that's the fourth blank in a row.
      That Christmas train set seems to be getting closer.