Checked, fed and watered

      Yesterday was a trip to the western edge of Fenland, me driving and the boss in the turret, to give the vehicle a free winter check courtesy of Mr Subaru.
      Everything was completed in an hour, so we drove along the Nene via the North Bank to the Dog in a Doublet pub for a brilliant lunch with a pint of Marstons for me and a Babycham for the boss. This old match fisherman's pub has had a makeover and the food is really excellent, and good value for money, all-in-all a hostelry that is highly recommended.
      Then we stopped to look at the Dog in a Doublet Sluice and the flooded and frozen washes but guess what is missing? A lovely red pike float on that calm and leaden river, but there's always tomorrow now that a thaw is finally here.
      Thaw? It was -12.7C on the thermometer this morning...