Expedition to the dark side

      Well an expedition to the dark side of Wolverhampton anyway. We were up at five o'clock on a Sunday morning to support our son who was doing the 'Tough Guy' challenge for the second time.
      Last year, having successfully completed the cross country run, the obstacle course, frozen scramble nets, rope climbs, burning straw bales and many more horrors as well as immersion in icy water, mud, filth, fire, electric shocks and near hypothermia the quote was 'never again, shoot me if I even think about it.' Where's my gun?
      The car was ready and packed; snow shovel, blankets, food, drinks, torch, fully charged mobiles, spare clothing, sound footwear, wellingtons and a rubber dinghy in case of floods as the snow melts. Well, there was a Met Office amber alert and the A14 and M6 can be treacherous at the best of times, thank goodness the car is all wheel drive.
      The good news is that he did it again, we drive home and spend an hour unpacking the car and eating egg sandwiches.
      And people say Pike fishermen are mad! I think not.