The first Pike of the new year

      Another afternoon piking session four days into the New Year and another very welcome visit by old Esox.
      All of the pike that I have been catching since the barren spell through December are lean fish that look as if they are finally starting to feed after a serious fast, obviously they were fasting all through December. That's my excuse anyway.
      Yet again the bait was float fished roach deadbait drifted along on a day when there was hardly a breath of wind.

      Looking into the mouth of this pike I could see why they are such fearsome hunters, teeth that were about a centimetre long in the outer jaw and the roof of the mouth covered in densely packed teeth that were just a little smaller.
       I don't know what it weighed. I just netted it, unhooked it, took the photograph, gave it a stroke and slid the fish back into the calm water and watched it turn invisible.
      I'll head to a different venue for the next expedition so watch this space. That lake does look lovely though and it seem's so rude to ignore it...
      A truly horrible dose of 'Eel Throat' and 'Bream Lungs' has put a stop to fishing so far this week and the weather is changing and getting colder, I think I'll make some traces.