Caught by the black teeth

      We found this smart little tin while out on patrol, me driving and the boss in the turret. By today's standards the name is slightly suspect for a throat sweet but it is still a charming piece of packaging.
      A small tin always beats a cardboard box because you can use it to store something else when the contents are finished, even if it is only two inches by one inch.
      If you guzzled these throat sweets during lessons at school and said you were doing nothing when the teacher shouted 'you at the back, yes, you boy' the black and stained teeth always gave you away.
      'Telling lies boy?'.
      'No sir'.
      'Headmasters office for the cane and punishment book anyway'.
      Just pray the Headmaster isn't in his office so you don't get three more lashes. School days, the happiest days of my life...