Less than inspiring

      The last Saturday of the fishing season and that blackhearted wind is blowing again, it's pouring down and it's grey and depressing with the visibility falling too. These are the lonely Fens at their desolate best.
      The Pike below was caught earlier in the week when the only missing ingredient was the rain. He or she, had certainly been feeding at the trough but I didn't weigh the fish because the weight simply seemed irrelevant. On the bright side, at least I didn't blank, but compared to last season this one has been really hard work.
      No doubt the two trips planned for next week, before the season ends, will be equally hard too because the weather looks less than inspiring. Just more of the above but maybe with a wintry shower for variation.
      Maybe Perch would be a better choice of quarry, those red fins would brighten any angler's day.