Letterpress for Mr Nutsey

      Three properties, sold long ago, but forget the properties and look at the quality of the beautiful letterpress type instead. We bought this poster because of the mix of typefaces and the social history of the annotations in the margins.
      The poster is in a frame and under glass and consequently difficult to photograph but you get the idea.
      Incidentally Lot 1 was sold to W. Allpin, Watchmaker for £195, Lot 2 to R. Reed for £136 and Lot 3 to W. Hill for £110. How much would they cost now?
      We wonder where all the presses, type, sorts and furniture went when G.M. Fenn, Printer, Market Place, Alford decided to modernise. Meanwhile just feast your eyes on the Bodoni, Egyptians, Slab Serifs and what is almost that favourite of ours Modern No. 20.