Road contractors swallow dictionary

       You have to smile, we've had this sign in the next village for the last two weeks and for two weeks, nothing has happened. There was a week of work before the 'inclement' weather but since then nothing.
      The traffic lights have gone and so has half of the little white roundabout that used to be there but apparently this is being replaced eventually, when the 'inclement' weather relents. There are two clips on the sign for alternative words too.
      Contractors 'scrabble' anyone?
      Just when does the weather stop being inclement? We haven't had any deep snow or heavy rain it's just been really cold and even with half a roundabout and a ramp the condition of the road is no better and no worse than it was. Cynics would say it is better but I couldn't possibly comment.
      Maybe 'inclement' means the asphalt sets too quickly or it's the wrong kind of air?
      Watch this space.