3d on the bottle too

      This sign really is a trip down Memory Lane and also a piece of good old fashioned display material from a different age; a rather fine enamelled sign from Messrs. Mellersh and Neale of Reigate in Surrey displaying a selection of their wares.
      In Middlesbrough, where I was born, the local producer was a company called Lowcocks and most corner shops sold their produce in very useful quart bottles and, just occasionally, you would see Villa Lemonades being delivered by lorry.
      When you were short of pocket money it was a trip around the relations to see if they had any empty bottles to go back, each one worth 3d, and if you got a Soda Syphon you hit the mother lode with a 7/6d bonus. That's thirty-seven and one half pence in the decimal coinage of today. There were no bottle banks in those days just proper recycling.
      I bet Mellersh and Neale did a very classy Soda Syphon too.