Fifty shades of grey, and some green

      This was a truly dismal, grey and damp day in West Norfolk last week. In truth there's probably only about five shades of grey out there but you have to cheer yourself up somehow.
      The Middle Level looks quite intimidating here, caught in a strange limbo where it seems to be neither Spring nor Summer. The reeds are hardly growing in the margins and last years brown stalks are still clearly visible.
      The farmer, probably to relieve the boredom, has cut the grass on the embankment so he clearly thinks it's summer. There's disillusionment for you, so he's obviously gone back to reading his book.
      Meanwhile the weather continues to enjoy a further development of its 'grey period' so we reckon it's time for a cup of tea.
      We know we should get out more but when we do it's just more of fifty shades of grey.
      It all happens in West Norfolk.