After the big one blew in

      Monday evening and the promised thunderstorm didn't arrive.
      Well, not on time anyway. Instead in a timetable revision the apocalypse happened at around 3.45 am on the Tuesday morning, we didn't spot the 'Four Riders' though.
      We've been waiting for a proper thunderstorm in The Fens for the last three years and we got it, and how! A five hour power cut, (a bit of a paradox with all the electricity overhead), and one and one half inches of rain that watered the chillies nicely. Meanwhile the terriers slept on, as always.
      At five thirty this was the sight that greeted me at the back door. The eye of the storm or is it those aliens again?
      Where's RAF Lakenheath's telephone number? The lines are down? Get Bruce Willis, now!