Pike 2 - JR 2

      A stolen Saturday afternoon chasing Pike in a secret location somewhere in West Norfolk. 
      The swim was positively luxurious; rather than slipping and sliding down the banks there were steps onto a new mooring platform. In fact, all that was needed to make it all absolutely perfect would have been a steady stream of tea with homemade cake or biscuits, but then you can't have everything.
      Two Pike were caught and two lost so we'll call it a 2-2 draw, it being a Saturday afternoon. I know what to expect next time so the game plan will be quite different.
      That theory in itself means it will probably be a blank, you should never get too confident with old Esox Lucius.
      Meanwhile here are three pictures for added atmosphere; the kick-off, the final whistle and one of the pike caught between the two.