Last of the summer heat

      Summer has definitely gone and late Autumn is here and with it, paradoxically, the last of the heat from the greenhouse.
      We cropped the remainder of the chillies last week except for Big Sun because they are still ripening. These are apparently hotter than a Habanero. We'll take the 'Chilli Bible's' word about the Scoville measurement of the heat of this particular chilli as gospel and not bother to check or cross reference.
      They are going to be a present to our local Indian restaurant to be used especially for those customers who like things hotter than a Vindaloo.
      Displayed on the table are Apache, Joe's Long, Bulgarian Carrot, Orange Cayenne, Sweet Corno di Toro, Medina, Jalapeño and Vampire, some of which are going to be used by the Boss to make her own tabasco sauce.
      Bags-eye not being the test pilot on that sortie into the heat.