The Electric Dove

      We've heard of the Electric Prunes, we've even got their Mass in F Minor on vinyl, but we've never heard of the electric dove. Surely the Dove sitting on the power line must feel a bit of tingling.
      All of his friends have flown away so maybe he just enjoys the static and the thrill of danger. Swallows, Starlings, Sparrows, House Martins they all do it.
      Mind you, for the Swallows and House Martins they've got to fly to Africa so they need their batteries recharged. 
      We are positive, sorry, that if we had quick swing on that power line and weren't touching the ground we would be down on the ground as quick as you like. Flash, bang, thud and game over! There would also be blue lights and much head shaking.
      Life is a mystery.